Let me introduce you to my friend Julia Kourmpidou. One of Julia’s many talents is cooking – you’ll see what I mean when you look at her Instagram feed. And she has a way with words that I’m so envious of! So when Julia offered to write food reviews for Greenwich Diary, how could I possibly say no??

Now, without further ado, here is Julia!

Greenwich… The first place on earth! The place where time officially starts!

We live in a world heritage site where people from around the planet come to visit and naturally choose to eat here too during their visit. Greenwich comes with the touristy tag and that means that the obvious catering options are chains of restaurants and quick eateries around the main streets.

But is that all that Greenwich has to offer? We believe not. 

Greenwich Diary and I are on a mission to introduce you to all the restaurants, cafés in and around the area. All those hidden gems that you never knew that existed.

We will offer you honest, real reviews of all the places that we have visited and we will try to enrich the culinary map of Greenwich as much as possible for all of you to enjoy.

So join us and enjoy our culinary adventures around Greenwich.

Julia (aka The Steaming Pot)


Admittedly not a restaurant, or a cafe, but the Alma Supper Club has a very well deserved place in Greenwich…

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Parkside Cafe

I defy anyone who lives in Greenwich, or the neighbouring areas to say that they never visited the National Maritime Museum…

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