June 16, 2018

When you had a tough week, a Friday treat is what’s needed! So after our doctor’s appointment we headed to The Green Cafe for breakfast. Just me and my boys, we all needed a bit of cheering up. And The Green Cafe never fails to fit the bill.

Photo: Greenwich Diary

It’s always busy and frankly quite a tough place to sit if you have a buggy to fit in there too. I figured out that brunch is the easiest time for mums with buggies. It might be a different experience when its busy, but we have been lucky to always have a pleasant visit.

Photo: Julia Kourmpidou

The food never failed us there either. Simple menu yet numerous choices to please anyone.

I had the Mediterranean breakfast and my boys shared a waffle with Nutella (plus part of my breakfast too!). My breakfast had a chorizo sausage which wasn’t too heavy on the spices, so I was lucky and quick enough to eat half of it…the boys had the rest! But the best part of my plate was the mushroom, it was not the soggy type, it was full of flavour due to it being grilled and not pan fried and I have no idea what seasoning they add but it works so well. Same goes for the sausage, bacon, halloumi and tomato, all grilled. So overall it was not heavy and oil clustered.

Photo: Julia Kourmpidou

I had a coffee, urgently needed, and the boys had the fresh orange juice, which was beautifully chilled and flavoursome. The service is always quick and accommodating. And kid friendly if I may add.

The waffle was superb! Soft, fluffy and really tasty even with no toppings. But the Nutella definitely made the boys day! And two waffles disappeared from the plate pretty quickly, although it was a portion enough for an adult.

Photo: Julia Kourmpidou

Our breakfast came at £23.40 (one coffee, two juices, a waffle with Nutella and a Mediterranean breakfast) which is not something I would pay frequently, but this morning was special. My breakfast was the most expensive item at £9 plus £1.20 for extra toast. 

The Green Cafe is one of the few places around West Greenwich that I would be happy to take people for breakfast, so far the quality never disappointed us. 

Full breakfast ranges from £8 – £10 which is not the cheapest around, yet it’s well made and filling as the portions are well balanced. 

Definitely worth the visit and as their sign says…. “No WIFI…talk to each other”

And a couple more photos from our previous visits to whet your appetite!

Photos: Julia Kourmpidou